Dear Citizens of Vaughan,   First and for most thank you for not only visiting my website but also seeking interesting in myself as one of your candidates for future Mayor. I, like you, am a local and concerned neighbor in the City of Vaughan that wants to see change.   I am no stranger to this growing metropolis we call home. In my prior endeavors whether it was the past 2010 candidate for Mayor or representing as the 2010/11 NDP nominee for the region, I have always kept a high level of honest and integrity. I believe that maintaining a strong moral code and firm upright principles are what we need for our next Mayor. This means a translucent form of communication within our City hall to ensure that residence are aware of issues that may impact them.    We need to take charge to move this fine City to its next platform and I consider that to be the construction of the hospital. We have waited 4 long years with minimal progress pertaining to this health care facility and in my opinion an empty promise that was fed to the public in our last election. So I advise everyone this year at the ballot box to provoke change. Let’s spark a conversion and create a better future to come. Vote Paul Donofrio for Mayor!  

Kind regards,

Paul Donofrio

Paul Donofrio, 45, has lived in Vaughan since 2000.

Donofrio ran two terms as the NDP candidate for Vaughan and, before that, worked at the city of Vaughan where, he says, he uncovered corruption and abuse of tax dollars that led to many investigations and the termination of employees.

Donofrio obtained a degree in automotive business in 2007 and, today, he owns an automotive consulting business.

If elected, Donofrio says, he is committed to having a true, open and transparent city hall; removing the waste within city hall and removing all corruption that is deep in the shadows of city hall; lowering taxes once city departments are streamlined and improving the quality of life for seniors and youth in Vaughan.

"During my term of office I will strive to ensure that the role is not merely a symbolic one but one that will act as a driver for positive change in the city. Vaughan is a great city and I will reinforce the message at local, national and international level that Vaughan  is a city on the move, a great place in which to live, visit and do business.   My main objectives as  Mayor are to promote Vaughan as a gateway to the world for business, to make Vaughan a family friendly city, and a city that embraces diversity at all levels of society. I will work tirelessly to achieve these objectives over the next twelve months and I look forward to engaging openly with all Vaughan residents on each of these objectives. Within my 4 year term there will be freeze on taxes and 0 increase within my 4 year term of Mayor.

In the meantime you can reach us at 416 571 3596. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: